Social media is growing every day, and so are the people who are active on them. Randy Selzer is an agent from Toronto, ON in the GTA area who’s made an impactful presence online.

Randy is an agent who was known well in his area but wasn’t all too big on the internet just yet. Within 2020 and 2021, Randy Selzer has had a huge take off Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. Reaching the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people, Randy Selzer has reached incredible notoriety with his content and insider secrets. We’re excited to have Randy share some of them with us all today. Here’s what we were able to ask the trending Toronto agent.

RedXMagazine – What got you started on all these creative podcasts you’ve been doing?

Randy Selzer – The podcasts were originally a fun side project that we decided to do when there were a few people that I wanted to interview, who were camera-shy. We quickly realized the potential for podcasting, especially for longer recordings that might be too long for the average video consumer on YouTube. The audiences for podcasting and for video are completely different.

RedXMagazine If you weren’t doing real estate, what would you be doing right now?

Randy Selzer – Real estate is all I know. At this point, I don’t know how to do anything else! If I wasn’t working in real estate, I would probably be living on a beach somewhere, hopefully in the Caribbean.

RedXMagazine How do you feel about other agents looking up to you as a successful real-estate influencer?

Randy Selzer – Well, that’s very flattering to hear, although I still consider myself only a student of the sales process. There are always new things to learn, new processes to test, new technologies to embrace.

RedXMagazine You made a statement online about going backpacking to Europe alone, when you were 18. Can you tell us about that story and what happened?

Randy Selzer – I had made plans to go on a six-month trip with a friend of mine from university, and we were to go backpacking across Europe. At the last minute my friend cancelled on me, and I was faced with the choice of either cancelling my own trip, or going solo. I decided to go ahead alone, and the trip turned out to be the best trip ever – truly a life changing experience. I ended up making many new friends while travelling, having a lot of adventures, seeing the beauty of Europe, and even working in a restaurant for a while. When I finally returned home to Canada, I was a different person.

RedXMagazineName us a few agents in your area that have also excelled in their career like you!

Randy Selzer – There are many successful agents in my marketplace. The one who is a true master of marketing, and who has been a ninja at scaling his business, is Sam McDadi. The Loretta Phinney Team as also notable, as is James Hodgins.

RedXMagazineWhy is it that there’s so much competition in Real Estate, especially in Ontario, Canada?

Randy Selzer – I wish I knew the answer to that! Truthfully, real estate prices are so high in my area, that many people are drawn to the business in search of the big commissions they think are there.

RedXMagazineWe know you’ve come up with incredible tactics to make it to where you are today. But what are some insider secrets you can share with us about the housing industry and growing as an agent?

Randy Selzer – Growing as an agent involves a lot of hard work, and a willingness to go the extra mile. While there are many lessons that I’ve learned during my career, here are three core values that might help new agents grow a successful business that lasts: 1.) understand that your real estate practice is a business, and you are the owner. When you understand that you are not an employee, but are the CEO of your business, you will look at things differently. 2.) listen carefully to what your customers are asking, and provide them with answers that will address their pain points. 3.) always put your customers’ best interests first, ahead of your own, no matter what.

RedXMagazineWhat will be next for you? You’ve built up such a platform, we’re all excited to see your next take on your content!

Randy Selzer – We continue to expand awareness of our brand online through the many channels that are out there! 1.) regular content creation that provides real value to the consumer 2.) evolving techniques in SEO, including new methodologies such as short videos and voice-search 3.) multiple coordinated touchpoints in social media – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, podcasting, and so on.

RedXMagazine You’ve been selling in the GTA area for a while, and you’ve certainly succeeded. Do you have plans to move beyond Ontario, or even Canada?

Randy Selzer – Southern Ontario is a vast area, and has plenty to keep us busy!

RedXMagazineLets end with an inspiring message to share to those who are all reading! What’s a famous quote that you hold onto, and that has got you to where you are now?

Randy Selzer – I’ve always liked this one by Jim Rohn: “Life and business is like the changing seasons. You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself. Therein lies the opportunity to live an extraordinary life–the opportunity to change yourself.”

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