Raúl Peyret is a former software engineer who has made an impressive transition into the entertainment industry as an actor, director, and producer. With a passion for acting and storytelling, he has successfully balanced his demanding day job with his creative pursuits.

After taking acting classes, Raúl landed a supporting role in a horror feature, kickstarting his acting career. He often portrays powerful characters such as doctors, attorneys, and priests with complex backgrounds or non-traditional behavior. However, Raúl dreams of taking on the role of a non-traditional hero in a Marvel movie, a special agent in a Mission Impossible film, or a captain in a Star Trek series.

What sets Raúl apart in the industry is his diverse background, including experience in technology, business, and extensive travel, which have given him a unique perspective on the world. This perspective informs his choice of material, which explores relationships and highlights the similarities among people despite different customs and languages.

During a Meisner progression class at Freehold Theatre, Raúl experienced a defining moment where he saw himself as a fulfilled actor. Despite facing personal challenges, he has grown by focusing on what he can control and rethinking his life and relationships.

To elevate his career, Raúl hopes to meet with casting director Carla Hool, writer, actor, and producer Lin-Manuel Miranda, and filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón Orozco. He admires their work and would love to learn from them about improving representation and diversity in the industry, as well as their visions for the future of film.

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