Family Karmas ‘Indian Barbie’ Enters The Athleisure World

Avni Parekh, the newest face on Bravo’s Family Karma, recently announced the launch of Be The Bigger Person™ athleisurewear. Inspired by her self-help book, Be The Bigger Person: Scenarios & Solutions to Better Yourself, Avni’s mindful apparel is described as “athleisure with a comfortable fit and calming designs to soothe your mind and body,” on

Wanting to further her mission of bringing the message “be the bigger person” mainstream, Avni blended her love for fashion and mindfulness by extending her T-shirt line into a leisure-focused clothing line. Her size-inclusive apparel and gender-neutral styles are a testament to her philosophy of unity.

Prior to launching her athleisure brand, Avni’s existing shop already had a series of unisex T-shirt collections and other merchandise dedicated to her self-help book, Be The Bigger Person.

To add to that, her LinkedIn shows her holding an operational role at one of South Florida’s premier yoga studios earlier in her career. After that, she served as internal and external communications manager for the nation’s leading provider of end-of-life care. In fact, Avni’s extensive career and entrepreneurial expertise have given her two unique perspectives that make up her approach to mindful, unisex fashion.

Through her experience running a successful yoga studio and managing communications on a national level for a widely-known hospice provider, Avni acquired knowledge of ancient yogic principles as well as the fundamentals of life. Her scholastic background in humanities and support for gender equality and human rights led her to fuse fashion and mindfulness, a concept discussed in her book.

Furthermore, she’s partaken in several photoshoots and walked the runway for Indo-American designers, as seen on Bravo TV. And, she’s an advocate for the sustainable fashion movement. Having spoken at popular events like Poshmark’s PoshParty Live and local clothing swaps, Avni explains the benefits of sustainable fashion ventures and the movement’s impact on the environment. For this reason, her approach to athleisure clothing is one rooted in sustainability in aims to reduce overproduction by only producing upon order instead of in bulk.

It’s no wonder she launched an athleisure clothing line rooted in mindfulness; it’s right up her alley.

A Message That Extends Beyond The Book

When it comes to brand identity, Avni incorporates the company’s values on her website,, which is clearly an extension of her self-help book, Be The Bigger Person. Bringing to light her message of rising above life’s hardships with grace and not resorting to violence when reaching your breaking point, Avni Parekh’s brand is more than a slogan, it’s a “life principle,” as described on the site.

Wanting to better humanity and bring forth inspirational insights that reinforce self-discipline and self-control, Avni’s goal is to help others be the best versions of themselves. By showcasing “be the bigger person” messaging on pieces like joggers, sweaters, shorts, leggings, shirts, and more, Avni’s philosophy is that the more we read a message, the greater the chances of internalizing it and living it.

What’s more, Avni simultaneously teases the release of her book’s supplemental workbook through a new capsule collection, Don’t Give In. Her website says “whether it’s temptation or anger,” don’t give in. Its positive notes like this, which are scattered throughout the BTBP shop website, that uplift, inspire, and remind others to channel being their best selves.

With the brand’s impressive capsule collections, Be The Bigger Person aims to increase awareness around this message and not give in to anger through Avni Parekh’s highly-rated book and mindful apparel.