Sara Allaby, better known as ShoppingBagSara is a Canadian fashion model and influencer with well over 1 MILLION followers on social media.

ShoppingBagSara has been seen featuring in big brand collaborations with companies such as FashionNova and Shein! We’ve also seen Sara in music videos, pop up events, Club Hostings and even BeautyCon! With over 6 years in the modeling and influencer industry who wouldn’t want to work with a model as stunning and experienced as ShoppingBagSara? 

ShoppingBagSara says that 2022 was a big year for her in advancing further in her career. She now has a manager that helps her accumulate more opportunities and free up more of her time. We asked ShoppingBagSara about her upcoming projects and what we can expect and I was told that she doesn’t want to jinx what isn’t confirmed completely but, her supporters should and can be excited for her work going forward into the New Year with more collaborations from her and even her own independent projects to be released soon!

Being that ShoppingBagSara is a plus size model, we asked briefly about the challenges that come with being a plus size model in the industry. We have seen this topic discussed before but, wanted to know first hand how someone as influential as ShoppingBagSara feels the lifestyle and challenges that come with it. ShoppingBagSara gracefully responded by saying that there are small trials and tribulations that come along with the modeling industry for almost any and everyone but, all can be overcame with confidence in yourself, the proper mindset and work ethic. 

With all that ShoppingBagSara has accomplished in such a short span in her career, it’s only right we expect more growth and successes from her! For more information on her future collaboration, be sure to follow her on all her social media platforms (@ShoppingBagSara). Thank you RedX Magazine viewers for stopping by and be sure to come by again for more updates as they become available about your favorite celebrities and influencers!

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