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Sideline Prep Offering a Lifetime of Experience to Future Professional Cheerleaders



Alumni NFL and NBA Cheerleader GeNienne Samuels is the CEO of Sideline Prep. A role model on the field and in the boardroom, she uses the lessons she’s learned through sports to coach the next generation of professional entertainers.

Throughout her life, Samuels has been an athlete. In high school, she ran cross-country, track and cheered for both football and basketball. She continued in college as a member of a co-ed stunt team and then danced as a professional cheerleader for the NFL and NBA. As a captain of her teams, Samuels gained valuable lessons that would prepare her to start her own business, lead in the boardroom, and guide the rising stars of tomorrow’s professional cheerleaders. “As captain, you have to be able to bring everyone together for a common goal regardless of differences in upbringing, viewpoints, and skillsets,” she says. “Those lessons can take you all the way from being a member of a team to leading your team as the CEO of your own company.” 

GeNienne Samuels learns from the physical and mental demands of cheerleading

The physical and mental stamina required to be a professional cheerleader is intense. Throughout her career, Samuels pushed herself to be at peak performance. “You have to be in shape, lift weights, and be physically fit to get through a game,” she says. “And with any athletic event, you have to have the mental fortitude to go out there and perform. If you make a mistake, you get up and get back in with a smile on your face.”

Samuels carried that physical and mental fortitude into the boardroom when starting GS Consulting and Communications, INC and founding Sideline Prep, a pro cheer prep company. Leaving the comfort of a corporate, “predictable” paycheck takes guts.  Samuels attributes her ability to step out of her comfort zone and follow her true passion to her days as a runner and cheerleader.  “Find the strength to be confident in who you are and show up as your authentic self, even if your opinion isn’t popular,” she advises. “You won’t always cross the finish line first. Push forward and lean on your teammates to get through the tough times.”

GeNienne Samuels learns the importance of following her purpose and passion

As a track and field runner, you are the “talent”; when running your race, you’re the “main event.”  However, cheerleaders are often on the sidelines supporting other athletes and hyping up the fans. It was just recently that cheerleading was recognized as a sport, but this didn’t stop Samuels from doing what she enjoyed.

“When you are the supporter of the main event, you have to be humble,” she explains. “But you still have to recognize that what you’re doing is important. You’re not the main event, but you are your own main event. Even though you are not what the spectators came to see, you are still being seen, and you are still important.” 

From an early age, Samuels focused on following her purpose and passion. She referred to this as her “why.” When your desire and love for something is strong enough and it aligns to your “why”, then you’re moving in the right direction. When it came to cheerleading, she realized her passion was supporting others while showing her athletic ability in performances and routines.   “As long as you love what you’re doing and you have a passion for it, that’s all that matters.” 

In the boardroom, Samuels still takes time to search for her purpose. “As CEO of Sideline Prep,” she says, “my ‘why’ is helping others experience the same things I enjoyed during my 11 years as a professional cheerleader. I coach clients to grow from the inside out and develop as powerful women in their careers and on the sidelines.” 

GeNienne Samuels brings the self-discipline she learned as an athlete to Sideline Prep 

Becoming a top competitor in the cheerleading industry takes years of daily practice and strict dedication. Self-discipline and time management are skills Samuels cultivated early on as a young cheerleader and runner. 

At Sideline Prep, Samuels supports and coaches her clients to develop the same high standard of discipline. Each young client comes with a dream of becoming a professional cheerleader, and Samuels takes time to discover the client’s current ability, skillset, and needs. “We figure out what the clients need to work on based on where they plan to audition,” she says.” Next, we help them develop an action plan to get there.” 

The company that opened as Samuels’ side-business in 2010 has grown into an international pro and semi-pro cheer and dance preparation company. At Sideline Prep, clients from all around the world become prepared and polished for professional NFL, NHL and NBA cheerleading auditions. At the same time, Samuels teaches them to live in their purpose, have faith in themselves, and be bold in their actions and dreams.

The foundation of Sideline Prep’s training is all about mindset and confidence. As a life-long athlete and CEO, Samuels reminds the next generation of professional cheerleaders that living their dream life is on the other side of fear. “We don’t allow fear or doubt to stop our clients from achieving their goals,” she says.” You can be a fantastic dancer, but if you have low self-esteem or lack mental fortitude, it’s hard to fake the funk in front of the judges. My program helps people become prepared and polished for auditions, but it’s more about challenging them to grow and become stronger individuals from the inside out, and that starts with their mind.” 

To find out more, readers can visit Sideline Prep’s website or follow them on Instagram.

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How Cecilia And Shane Grizzard Tapped Into The Potential Of The Online Space



Sometimes, people forget or are unable to claim packages from e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Target, or Walmart. Fortunately, these items don’t always go to waste, as people claim them as mystery packages that they open in hopes of finding something valuable. 

While the packages aren’t always what they seem to be, the people who acquire them find different opportunities to monetize them. Influencers even film themselves as they open the packages and guess their contents. 

Cecilia and Shane Grizzard were also interested in mystery boxes, but not for the reasons mentioned. They saw an opportunity to profit from them by tapping into the e-commerce industry. 

Growing In Numbers 

“Shane and I started our e-commerce career with liquidation pallets such as Target, Walmart, Amazon mystery boxes, etc. Then, we started buying truckloads of inventory from target overstocks such as baby items and furniture,” Cecilia said.  

Cecilia realized she wanted to enter the e-commerce industry after seeing that only a few people shop in stores, and the online shopping market is gaining popularity. She also wanted to relax a little from her travel job and run a business from home. 

After an interested customer bought an item from the couple, they created a group page on Facebook and started listing on the Facebook marketplace. Cecilia and Shane then shared their group page and got noticed by other consumers. 

The pair later decided to venture out and started on eBay. In just seven months, they made $75,000 in sales. Cecilia later told Shane to begin selling on Amazon, where they made $55,000 in sales in just one month, with $35,000 in profit. After seven months, the couple earned $140,000 in sales, with $75,000 in profit. 

“The more I share it on my Instagram, the more I get noticed. I was having people ask me for help constantly, which made me start my automation service, CS’ E-commerce,” Cecilia said. 

Starting An Automation Service 

Once the couple’s e-commerce business took off, and Cecilia shared more about it on her Instagram account, more people noticed their success and began asking for help in their e-commerce business. 

Seeing this as another opportunity to exercise her entrepreneurial skills, Cecilia started her automation service, CS’ E-commerce. 

“It takes capital to do $55,000 in sales with a $35,000 profit, but not a lot of people do that in e-commerce. That’s, sometimes someone’s yearly salary at a 9-5 job. I know I can change someone’s life with the automation services I offer,” Cecilia said. 

Check out Cecilia and Shane Grizzard’s Instagram account for more information. 

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What Motivates Coach-Consultant Manuela Proano to Achieve Her Goals



Each one of us has a passion that we all want to pursue to achieve happiness. Manuela Proano has three: fashion, entrepreneurship, and helping others.

This inspired her to establish MPPA Studio and THE SECRET FASHION MOVEMENT, a coaching-consulting business where she helps entrepreneurs craft their luxury personal branding, and become influential while feeling confident and like a complete badass. 

“I also own a production agency where we craft all the high-end conceptual photos and videos for entrepreneurs and premium fashion brands,” she said. 

A Clear View of Her Goals 

Even though Manuela’s three passions can sometimes be demanding, she wakes up every morning feeling motivated to achieve the things she wants in life. Her secret is having clarity over her goals, which, for Manuela, translates into commitment.

“I noticed every successful person always has two whyʼs—a very internal personal and a purpose. My most personal why is to live a life of freedom, traveling around the world, building new memories, connecting with new people and cultures, and bringing along friends and family, as well as giving back to my parents and supporting their dream life, in the same way they have always supported me” she shared. 

On the other hand, Manuela believes that her purpose in life is to help driven entrepreneurs be badass, confident, influential, and an authority in their field.

She added that having clarity on what she wants, where she wants to go, why she wants it, and what she needs to do to get there also helps her become motivated and grow in different aspects of her life. 

This was made easier when she created MPPA Studio, which gathered all of her passions and is changing many lives through her coaching strategies for development and growth. But most importantly, Manuela is enjoying every step of the way. 

How Her Business Started 

Manuela started as a fashion consultant five years ago. She decided to start a business and support fashion entrepreneurs after coming back home to Ecuador after having studied and worked abroad in the fashion industry in Barcelona and NYC. 

“I had to face a market where I couldnʼt find a job, where my passions and my knowledge were misunderstood and unappreciated,” she shared. 

It took Manuela years to understand certain things and she made mistakes along the way due to a lack of guidance. But as she progressed, she promised that she didn’t want budding entrepreneurs to feel lost and scared as she did before she found her stride. 

“As the market started developing, so did I. I started building a name and a reputation. That is when I realized I wanted to help other entrepreneurs do the same,” she said. 

Check Manuela Proano’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for more information. Or reach her through her email addresses: and

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How Budding Amazon Sellers Can Find Freedom in the Online Space



Several years ago, Jeff Bezos created Amazon to develop an online platform where users can buy and sell their products. It started as a website that sold only books, but Jeff’s vision of explosive growth and e-commerce dominance propelled the platform into its current popularity. 

As Amazon continues to dominate the e-commerce space, budding entrepreneurs are interested in tapping into the online space and making a fortune by becoming one of the 10 million sellers on the platform. But as grand as the dream of profiting from Amazon is, so are the risks that come with it. 

AMZ Product Launcher hopes to make the journey of aspiring entrepreneurs better by helping them find products that will allow them to start their online business on Amazon.

“We help our clients find and source products and launch these products on the Amazon platform,” said Alexander, a Sydney-based coach who has guided numerous clients towards establishing successful careers as online sellers. 

Providing a Unique Experience 

The team behind AMZ Product Launcher has a great team that includes professional product listing experts, keywords experts, Amazon sourcing experts, FBA prep companies, and more. 

“We have a dedicated team ready and willing to work with our clients one on one,” Alexander said. 

They offer coaching to guide clients towards succeeding as Amazon sellers. Yet there’s more to the company than just housing experts in the industry. 

AMZ Product Launcher is the only company in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA to offer a unique service of launching products on their behalf. No other company offers this service as they are willing to put their money where their mouth is and launch their clients’ products on Amazon for them. 

“Anyone looking to start a side business, anyone looking for more freedom in their life and looking to change their circumstances, if you’re looking to spend more time with your kids, family, or spend more time doing the things that you want to do, then I can help you,” Alexander said. 

He added that at AMZ Product Launcher, they work mainly with individuals looking to get started, even if they have no experience. 

The Skills That Developed Him 

For 12 years, Alexander has been involved in sourcing and importing from China. During this time, he developed the skills that allowed him to find the latest trends and hottest products being launched out of China. 

He also worked as an Amazon seller who dabbled in many different categories including pets, kitchen, dining, outdoors, and many others. 

“I love expanding my own Amazon business and I love chatting to my clients and helping them with their goals. The first thing in the morning I do is to review my day and chat with my favorite clients,” he said. 

Check out for more information. 

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