Exploring foreign lands and immersing oneself in their culture and landscape is appealing to many. However, for most, this appeal stays locked in the dream world. Various reasons play a part in making people forget this desire, including affordability, lack of motivation, and a cold passion. Motivation plays a pivotal role here – with the right encouragement and morale, all obstacles can be overcome to realize one’s aspirations. Once motivated, people can do wonders. Just like Ryan Slough and Joelle Machia, where a speck of encouragement led to the creation of one of the most popular travel blogs, Wanderers Compass

Hailing from New Jersey, Joelle Machia is currently located in Washington state. She is an accomplished Clinical Research Nurse. Now retired, she still serves on Research Ethics Boards. Joelle also volunteered to support soldiers deployed overseas; that is how she met Ryan. A decorated Sergeant First Class from Maryland, Ryan has served in the US Army for 18 years, including four foreign deployments. Now in Pennsylvania and a disabled veteran, he serves as a Military Police Officer in the reserves.  

Ryan always dreamed of international traveling, though circumstances prevented him from fulfilling it. He experienced a tough childhood owing to the loss of his father. To cope, young Ryan became an avid viewer of PBS and Rick Steves, developing a love for traveling and ancient history. It was his escape from the harshness of life. Years later, a settled Ryan still couldn’t fulfill his dream, though the problem now was lost motivation. That is where Joelle comes in. 

Joelle always had a passion for traveling. She was no stranger to it. Before meeting Ryan, Joelle often took her kids and their friends on trips. After they became friends, on one occasion, Joelle encouraged Ryan to join her and family at Disneyland; this was the first spark of motivation. In 2014, with much encouragement from Joelle, Ryan traveled with her to Europe, turning the spark into a brilliant flame. 

Nine years later, Ryan and Joelle have traveled to more than 50 countries and have flown nearly 2 million miles together. Using their experience, they have helped other veterans and friends in planning and going on memorable trips. That gave Ryan an idea to increase their reach; thus in the spring of 2021, they started a blog called Wanderers Compass

The main idea behind Wanderers Compass was their wish to inspire and help others to travel and see the world. Joelle and Ryan aimed to provide tools, resources, and inspiration to create authentic, independent, and life-changing travel adventures. In less than two years, their outreach has soared to unbelievable heights. The pair is listed in LA Weekly as one of the Top Ten Most Incredible Travel Experts for Adventure Lovers in 2023. 

Their success is a testament to the noble intent and hard work that Ryan and Joelle have put into Wanderers Compass. With travel guides, health tips, accessories, gear, and affordable traveling solutions, Ryan and Joelle have dug up a gold mine of resources for travelers. They aspire to encourage others to adventure by sharing their trips through immersive writing and gorgeous photography. 

With a community of 40,000 followers on Facebook and 8,000 on Instagram, Ryan and Jolle have motivated hundreds to turn their adventuring dreams into reality. If you seek to light up your motivation and turn your traveling dream into reality, then visit Wanderers Compass