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The Pros and Cons of Selling Beats Online



selling beats online

Is selling beats online profitable in 2022? It’s had a history of popularity among musicians due to its lucrative income. And it’s still thriving today, with no signs of slowing.

Making money from selling beats online can be straightforward with minimal downsides. For producers, there are endless opportunities to grow clientele, earn revenue, and get their creative expressions to a broader market faster. For artists, there are endless opportunities to acquire new sounds from a wide range of musicians.

Most artists can find websites that sell beats for any genre of music. Artists looking to expose their beats can sign up to upload music to a website and then get paid when a customer comes across a sample and wants to purchase it. It can be an excellent way for willing musicians to make money fast.

But there are pros and cons to selling beats online. Some independent producers make a full-time living from selling their beats online and are virtually unknown to the public. So instead of partnering with major labels, they’ve found success partnering with multiple platforms where they can sell their music directly to customers. Others don’t want to run that risk and want a label to sell their music for them.

Pros of Selling Beats Online

1. It’s easy: it can be as simple as you uploading a track to a website, defining how much it costs and any special requirements (e.g., producer credit), then making money once someone has made a purchase

2. Freedom of time: Great for those who want to produce beats as a passive income while they have full-time jobs or a separate career

3. Exposure: Modern way to get music out to the public

It’s good to clarify that selling beats online is not for everyone. And there are a few disadvantages to consider.

Cons of Selling Beats Online

1. Pricing haggles: Some customers may want to negotiate on prices, and producers may have to compromise to acquire customers

2. Fake Beats: Some producers sell fake products, which cause distrust with customers and hurt fellow artists

3. Copycats: Some artists look for ways to copy others or recreate what they’ve heard, which is why most online platforms recommend using samples of beats instead of uploading the whole track publicly


Anyone can post their music on social media and try to sell their songs to other users. However, these methods aren’t very practical for generating income from selling beats online. It would help if you connected with other artists and producers first, so you have something relevant to offer other users. Doing so will increase the chances of your music being bought and make your business much more manageable.

A beat-selling online platform is an excellent way for struggling musicians to earn extra income without too much work.

Selling beats online requires skills that can be learned by any student with internet access and motivation. There are dozens of free online courses to teach basic production, engineering, and music sales. They’re great options to consider as you get more serious about earning income as a producer.