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Two 21 Year Old Entrepreneurs Make A Loud Entry With Dollar Sign Empire



Disruptive and aggressive. That’s the strategy behind the rise of Dollar Sign Empire, a digital media company co-founded by two 21-year-old Florida entrepreneurs, Andrew Herrera and Matthew Meyer. Launching the money-focused brand in December, the founders had a simple message “get rich so you can do whatever you want”, and a simple goal: “build a media brand the includes the rare people in our our generation who are aggressively ambitious. “We know how powerful our platform will be when we have millions of like-minded hustlers, and we can use it to benefit our supporters’ individual endeavors.”

Dollar Sign Empire’s content merges business and entertainment, pioneering a new lane in the media world. With momentum gaining strength by the hour, they are focused on the future. “We don’t sleep. We sleep maybe 3-4 hours a night, that’s the only time we let off the gas. We wake up, post our quote of the day, trade stocks for a couple hours, and get to work.”

“Time is the most valuable asset. If everyone just cut the amount of time they wasted in half, we would live in a completely different world. And we’d have a lot more millionaires.”

With content on Instagram and TikTok attracting attention from thousands everyday, Dollar Sign Empire has amassed a following of close to 15,000 ambitious young people on TikTok, growing rapidly. Instagram is seeing the same growth. “We expect we’ll have around a million like-minded ambitious people who are a part of this movement by the end of March 2021.””

“Most importantly, we want everyone to know that our brand is not about us, it’s about taking the rare rich mindset, and creating a platform where every single person has it. Our people getting behind us are the next wave of big net worths; to maximize the ways we can benefit them, we are going to turn Dollar Sign Empire into a multi-national media juggernaut.”

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