Taydem Shoesmith’s debut single, “Are You Clapping?” is a powerful electro-pop/dance anthem with an inspiring message of self-confidence and determination. From the up-tempo beat to the passionate vocals, Shoesmith’s pop debut will have listeners clapping along as they learn to embrace the person they are and find the courage to overcome any obstacle that comes their way.

The song begins with a reverse vocal effect, soon joined by a driving four-on-the-floor beat that creates an infectious energy and a feeling of anticipation. Shoesmith’s vocals, powerful yet delicate, come in soon after, expressing her own frustration and confusion as she questions the expectations placed on her. The chorus is an uplifting and empowering anthem, with Shoesmith declaring that she is done with the show and embracing who she is.

The production of the track is impeccable, with the combination of electronic elements and acoustic instruments creating a unique soundscape that perfectly supports Shoesmith’s message. The instrumentation is varied and interesting, including strings, synths, and distorted guitars, creating an atmosphere of tension and release. The production also helps to add emotional depth to the track, with the breakdowns and transitions allowing the listener to really feel the journey that Shoesmith is experiencing.

The lyrics of “Are You Clapping?” are direct and impactful, as Shoesmith expresses her experience of being expected to act like someone she is not in order to get attention. The message of self-acceptance and confidence is one that is important for everyone to hear, and Shoesmith’s delivery is passionate and sincere. 

Taydem Shoesmith’s debut single, “Are You Clapping?” is a powerful and inspiring electro-pop anthem that will have listeners dancing and singing along as they embrace their true selves. With an infectious beat, passionate vocals, and complex instrumentation, Shoesmith’s debut is sure to appeal to a wide variety of listeners, and is one that should not be missed.