The U.S. prison system, home to two million individuals, presents a grim picture with a 66% recidivism rate within three years of release. Among this backdrop, William Licea’s narrative emerges as a remarkable exception. His near two-decade incarceration in some of New York’s most secure prisons didn’t deter his resolve. Today, Licea is a successful commercial construction executive and a bestselling author, having penned “From Burning Blocks to Building Blocks” and “Del Ardiente Fuego Al Paraiso,” sharing his compelling journey from adversity to achievement.

Early Life Challenges

William Licea’s story began in the South Bronx, where poverty offered limited opportunities for advancement. His early engagement with crime was a misguided attempt at escaping his circumstances. By eighteen, Licea was serving a nineteen-year sentence. Despite the harsh reality of prison life, he remained mentally resilient, a trait he credits to his mother’s unwavering support throughout his sentence.

A New Beginning

Upon his release at 38, Licea sought to redefine his life. Initially working in construction for $15 an hour, he faced the challenges of reintegration with determination. This phase of his life was marked by humility and hard work, leading him to rise through the ranks to become a leading figure in the New York City skyscraper construction industry.

Giving Back

“From Burning Blocks to Building Blocks” and “Del Ardiente Fuego Al Paraiso” are now available in William Licea’s websites and major book retailers.

Licea’s transition from a life of crime to corporate and literary success is driven by a desire to give back. He has helped over two hundred people, many from challenging backgrounds, to find employment and purpose. His bestselling book aims to inspire change and resilience in others facing difficult circumstances.

William Licea’s life is a testament to the power of second chances. From a troubled youth to a successful construction executive and author, he has turned his past experiences into a source of motivation for others. Licea’s books, available in English and Spanish, along with his professional endeavors, reflect his commitment to positive change. For more information on his work and writings, visit his website.