The multi-Award-winning Billboard artist wrote this track alongside producer Alexia “Lex  Dirty” Spratling & artist, Rylee Evans, with the desire to give hope and inspire people to  follow their dreams. Of course, you probably already know that listening to music will elevate your mood and improve your overall quality of life. No matter how far out of reach  your dreams may seem, 400’s “I Can Be Famous” is a song about faith, belief, and willpower.  This is music that will improve your ability to cope with adversity and help you move  forward with confidence. 

Wrapped in plausible lyrics and delivered with a vintage-like video, singer/songwriter 400  released a number on his latest single, “I Can Be Famous” featuring Rylee Evans, which is  bringing back hope in the current fast-paced music industry. The “I Can Be Famous,” music video gives a brilliant depiction of flashes of the Hollywood Limelight to the reality that many artists experience in a broken down gas station. By using this flash between realities, 400 demonstrates mental projection is superior and will lead dreamers to their goals. In order to get a return on investment from making a fantasy into reality, artists need to push themselves past all points of no return. 

It is this concept which has been perfectly captured in the new single, which unfolds in an uptempo track and is filled with positive vibes that are easily felt. As of right now, the music video is trending on YouTube with more than 50,000 views since its release. There can be no doubt that fans can definitely relate to enjoying life and looking forward to achieving their dreams.

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