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A heart for the Art: Deme D and his passion for Hip-Hop



With nothing but passion, love, and dedication to the art of hip-hop, content creator Deme D celebrates and honors the culture with his youtube channel. Deme D dedicates his channel to the hip-hop scene as he serves a variety of original hip-hop related content, creating an avenue for rising artists to exhibit their work. 

Contributing to the culture

Deme D is determined to make an impact on the hip-hop community as he provides opportunities for artists to get their material out there. His creativity knows no bounds as Deme D`s channel consistently feature informative shows such as: 

 “If You Ask Me” – A hip-hop debate desk

 “On Deck Wit Deme” – A show featuring industry reviews

“Diggin Wit Deme” – A hip-hop vinyl show

“Who’s Next Up” – Indie hip-hop interviews

“Listen Up” – An album listening and promotion show

Deme D curates his content with intense scrutiny, making sure that quality is served with every show. When asked about this creative process, he tells us:

“First thing was seeing a market for my content, making sure I’d have consistent content. I planned for months ahead and made sure I knew what lane I wanted to be in”

A man with a heart for the art, Deme D indeed gives it his all when it comes to the world of hip-hop. This content creator knows exactly what the industry needs, and delivers it with such passion that just makes you want to jump in on whatever he is cooking up on his channel. Deme D`s mission to be an authentic participant and contributor to the world of hip-hop speaks for itself as his youtube channel Dagogeta TV makes its mark in the hip-hop scene with content that will definitely keep hip-hop enthusiasts everywhere wanting more.

With his goals clear and his mind set, Deme D eyes the expansion of his channel by putting out weekly content. He understands how hard it is but nothing can stand between a man whose heart is in the right place and his dreams. With the hip-hop scene flooded with people who care more about making big money than actually contributing to the culture, a man like Deme D is truly one-of-a-kind. He is a man with an unbreakable will and determination, driven by his genuine love for hip-hop. 

Paving the way for aspiring artists

The music itself is the life-blood of hip-hop, which is why Deme D has taken it upon himself to provide aspiring artists with the exposure that they need in order to get into the game. Deme D understands the value of the new generation in keeping the culture alive, his love for hip-hop is unparalleled as he continues to serve the scene with his limitless creativity and knowledge of the art. 

As the saying goes “Turn your passion into your profession, and you will never work a day in your life” Deme D`s love for hip-hop will always be evident in his works and actions on and off camera. This content creator and his heart for the art is indeed one for the books.

Love hip-hop? Know more about Deme D through his Instagram, twitter, and Youtube channel.

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