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A spark in the dark: Danjul lights a fire amidst the drama with his latest release



Danjul is a musician who started off his path with writing as a way to cope with the overwhelming feelings that he kept bottled up throughout his childhood. His early years were tough, but being forced to keep everything inside brought out the artist in him. 

“As a child, it was very rough. I wasn’t allowed to express myself, so I started to write how I felt. Tears became years and years, while I wrote down all my greatest fears.” he shares.

The darkness he was once stuck in drove him to be his own ray of sunshine. He crafted words that painted pictures as bright as the day. He kept on writing down all the emotions as if the ink was his very own blood and tears, which then turned into songwriting. He kept honing his talent, refining it to a degree that’s unlike any other, and eventually bringing his writings to life with the beautiful art of music.

Sparking a flame

Danjul entered the music scene with a glint in his eye. He knows that this is what he was meant to do all along. His music is a cloud of colors, with pop at its core. Listening to his art is like watching a movie that never ends. His craft is both enigmatic and cinematic at the same time. A blend of artistry and emotion bonded by a passion that burns with brilliance. He recently dropped a new song entitled “Drama“, he shares the story behind it: 

“Drama was perfect because it’s what’s constantly happening in my life. I wanted to record that was unique but also had a chaotic Ness to the beats I didn’t want a sad record I wanted a club banger I wanted something I’ll as an artist could do heavy Choreo to in performance while still conveying a story” 

He did not want to follow any trend. This song is the product of his own mind, his brand is that of uniqueness and individuality. Not emulating anyone, he openly expresses himself through “Drama” in all its musical glory.

Listening to the song will definitely get you moving and vibing. You will be on your feet in no time as the beat livens up the mood. With lyrics that tell a story from the heart, “Drama” speaks to the mind and body with every beat and melody flowing into your core. The music perfectly complements the lyrics, creating a marbling effect that is both beautiful and fulfilling at the same time. Danjul really outdid himself this time. You just have to wonder what else he has in store for all the fans out there. He has started an ever-burning fire that shall be the light amidst darkness. The glimmer of hope despite the drama.

Bearing his torch

His feelings that were once bottled up are now free, fluttering in the aura that he emits with every note that the audience hears. Danjul wants his fans to see the real him, not as some figure to be idolized, but a person to be inspired with. 

“The one message I would always say is to be yourself. I know it’s hard because I struggle with that at times and not feel accepted but once you love yourself the world becomes a little bit brighter” he shares.

Danjul is bearing a torch of hope for everyone who experienced the same darkness like him. His song Drama is the light that fills the world as the shadows fade away.

This musician is bringing hope and inspiration one song at a time. He is a symbol of light and a testament to the fact that it does get better. Danjul is a fighter, he is the voice in the middle of the drama.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Know more about Danjul on his website, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Don’t forget to stream Drama and check out his music on Spotify.

*This article is originally published in Up Release Magazine*

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