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Adina Brunetti Judges at Education Fund



For the second consecutive year, Adina Brunetti, a prominent figure in the hospitality industry, has been invited to serve as a judge for the Education Fund’s celebrated Taste of Education event. This year-round program, which operates within Miami-Dade County, remains committed to providing students with the greatest chance of success by stimulating their potential and promoting excellence in education.

The Education Fund has as its mission the maximization of each child’s potential and making sure they all graduate with every chance for success. It works to involve the entire community in making education a key priority to ensure that students learn and thrive. In order to celebrate this, the Fund hosted its annual Taste of Education event, with culinary teams from 23 schools. Among the dishes that were presented were octopus with chipotle avocado crema and corn relish, vegan Indian malai kofta with seasoned naan, and smoked brisket with jalapeño cornbread. This event acknowledges the efforts of teacher champions and highlights the abilities of middle- and high-school chefs alike.

Adina Brunetti, a renowned expert in the hospitality industry and successful celebrity entrepreneur, was invited to the panel for the second time due to her vast knowledge. As a highly committed advocate for education and the local community, she was thought to be the ideal candidate for the Taste of Education event. Her task at the event was to guarantee that the experience was not only memorable for the kids present but for all attendees.

As a judge, she was assessing the various contesters taking part in the event, evaluating their creations, ensuring they meet the criteria. Her insights and recommendations were invaluable to the participants, and her invaluable experience and expertise was an integral part of the judging process. Furthermore, Adina’s presence brought further recognition to the event, as well as further legitimacy to the Education Fund’s mission.

Known for her ability to craft projects that merge food, culture, and art, Adina Brunetti is a reputable entrepreneur and restaurant specialist who has flourished within the hospitality realm, setting benchmarks that have motivated numerous youths to pursue entrepreneurial pathways that not only add value to their lives but to their neighborhoods as well.

Adina Brunetti is the leading force behind AJMB Hospitality, one of Miami’s most celebrated hospitality companies that specialize in restaurant projects. She is also the Creative Director of Adina Creative Food, AB 27 Group, as well as Hialeah Events.

Always striving for culinary excellence in all her endeavors, Adina Creative Food works hard to ensure perfect results and uses a team of highly skilled professionals, along with a vast range of event design experience. Due to this exemplary commitment, Adina Creative Food boasts a strong reputation throughout South Florida and is renowned for exquisite event planning, imaginative design, and unforgettable dishes.

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