Farshid ostovarhaghighi, known as Linkdoni, is an Iranian singer, musician and photographer born in the city of Marvdasht in Fars province, who has released 3 music albums in the style of pop, angel, blank, together.

He also created a site for artists to meet and share works of art in 2015, where artists get to know each other through social media.

“Music artists do not try to make high-quality music videos,” he said, specializing in photography and photography. And their music video does not communicate well with their music. To find out how to portray music, you can get to the generality of the music video by simplifying the concept of music and inserting a few keywords. He considers Rihanna’s music video called diamonds as one of the good and conceptual works because many of these keywords have been observed in it and indirectly conveyed the general concept of music to the audience. Artists can also share their impressions of their art using the linkdoni site at linkdoni.me.

Regarding how artists get to know each other, he said that any artist working in a field can see their art enthusiasts and talk to them about improving the quality of their art by creating a channel, page or group and placing a link on the LinkedIn site. . He said Telegram is a dynamic platform for for this acquaintance and has a high capacity for image sharing and training of artists, and artists can make the most of this social network. Connect on Social media to get to know more about Farshid Ostovarhaghighi