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Arash Tahami and Seven Essential Tips for Internet Marketing



If you have hand in eCommerce and Internet Marketing, you absolutely heard about Arash Tahami. He is a successful entrepreneur and eCommerce guru. Since working within the eCommerce field, He has learned and discovered many tips and skills that He would like to share with you. We intend to share the most important and effective tools that He has used in order to create such success within this field.

1st Tip:

Collect the preliminary information such as Full name, and email address from the beginning. Making a list of your potential clients is a necessity. Although presenting an e-newsletter is excellent, it is not vital. As long as your list is small, you can run it using the email application on your computer.

2nd Tip:

If you are not highly skilled at designing a professional website, hire an expert to do the job for you. A professional site may seem straightforward at first glance but leaving out key aspects could make or break your website. Your website design shouldn’t be monotonous and boring.

3rd Tip:

People love products and services that meet their personal requirements. Do not try to offer all sorts of services or products on your site. Amazon, which sells everything, is still known as a bookstore rather than a toy store.

4th Tip:

Creating high traffic through your site requires time and money. The key to generating high traffic for your site is connecting as many users as possible from other websites. Although appearing in search engines should be your first step, do not stop there. In order to maximise traffic through your site you should use:

  • Affiliate program
  • Provide accessible services and products

5th Tip:

You will become much more reputable and successful if you help your customers. Trust is vital within internet commerce. Gaining credibility amongst your audience is a vital key advantage for future success.

6th Tip:

Whilst it’s great to be ‘hands on’ within the business, time is money, and many things can be automated such as:

– Address list management

– Follow-ups with the customer

– Welcome messages

– Thank you messages

– Tracking orders

– Confirmation of orders

7th Tip:

The highest priority should be customer satisfaction and support. Do not rely too much on artificial intelligence, software, and email. Use the Live Support Agent on your site.

Arash Tahami is not only a leading trader but also an active person in developing strategies for branding and marketing, importing/exporting various items, logistics, Cryptocurrency and NFT. Finding success in these avenues has allowed Arash to spend more time focusing on his passions of DJing, music, event hosting and supercar racing.