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Bey Bright: A Phenomenal Star On The Rise in the Music Industry



Bey Bright: The Phenomenal Star In The World Of Music Industry

Everyone is born with certain talents and Bey Bright is no exception. 

Bey is becoming an established R&B artist who is known for his “soul nostalgia sound”. Bey’s achievements are not only as an artist, but also as a songwriter/author and entrepreneur. Bey Bright hails from Harlem, New York City. 

Bey has made quite a name for himself as an emerging artist within the music industry and consistently produces quality music.

Today, Bey has become one of R&B Soul music’s most reputed stars.

Music is something that means so much to artists because it is a way of expressing themselves. Bey has a real passion for music and loves to express himself through his music. 

The connection we make with an artist can be very deep and passionate when their lyrics validate our inner emotions, such as pain and pleasure. 

Bey Bright is a great influence on other individuals working in the same field as him.

Now let’s talk about his music. Mr. Bright has written, produced, and released several albums in the R&B Soul and Hip Hop genres under his Bright Vision Entertainment Label.

Bey Bright released an EP in January 2021 entitled “Soul Nostalgia 3”. Bey gave his fans more of that “throwback soul”  that they have become accustomed to hearing from him. 

The EP consists of five songs in total and is available on all major digital music streaming platforms.

”Turning Me On,” “Vibe,” Body Can’t Lie”, “Love Zone” and “Don’t Stop” make up the EP. 

The creative freedom is evident in the track “Body Can’t Lie” which speaks volumes about the talent of Bey Bright.

The striking vocals in the tracks, “Love Zone” and “Don’t Stop ” are soulfully delivered and both songs have incredible hooks. 

The lyrical verses of “Vibe” have added a lot of spice to the track and overall made this album a masterpiece. 

What makes Bey Bright’s musical works so unique and what sets him apart from so many other artists in the music business today is that there is so much originality in his music. 

He displays his unique music skills at every opportunity he gets. 

As a lead up to his upcoming EP entitled.. SN4; Music Beats & Life, Bey Bright also released a new single and official music video for the song “He Can’t Love You” in November 2021.

Bey Bright has achieved so much in the past two years. He has amassed a global following with over 1,000,000 records streamed and sold worldwide in addition to racking up 13 consecutive top 20 UK and US indie-soul hits. 

His Soul Nostalgia 3 EP reached #1 on Amazon UK’s Best R&B Sellers and Hot New Releases Charts along with having the #1 independent soul album in the West Indies on the Grenada Soul Chart. 

Bey Bright also reached #1 on the Urban Influencer R&B soul chart 2021 with the single “Vibe”.

Bey has also been nominated for 2021 indie-soul nominee for the “people choice awards” and best male artist. 

With true determination and passion, he has been living his dreams. Bey has achieved all of this because of his tireless efforts, staying true to his work and himself, and of course because of the great skills that he possesses.

In an interview, once the interviewer asked Bey what is so different and unique about him and different from everyone else in the industry? He stated “The qualities that make me unique are that along with being the CEO of my independent label, Bright Vision Entertainment. I write, produce, arrange and perform all of my songs” and further says “I’m the creative visionary behind all of my works!”

Bright’s new EP “SN4; Music, Beats and Life” is coming out on January 4 2022. 

His fans are very excited about his comeback.

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