Making a career out of a profound love for nature and an unrestrained curiosity about natural ecosystems is not an easy feat, but Ketan Dattani is one such brilliant businessperson who has done it and attained several milestones.

Ketan founded and serves as CEO of Buckingham Futures, an organization that specializes in environmental health recruitment and offers both public and private sector companies individualized consulting services.

Since his family is multiethnic, Ketan has been exposed to a wide range of ideologies, cultures, and nationalities. From an early age, his exposure to a diverse set of individuals while growing up in London helped him develop a wider viewpoint.

Ketan had previously held the position of Head of Division at Eden Brown Synergy. He went to Hertfordshire University. He has a solid reputation in the industry and 25 years of expertise in environmental health recruitment. He is well known for being an expert in employment law, employee rights, and career guidance.

Ketan left his well-paying job to launch an entirely self-funded environmental health recruitment company out of his parents’ spare room. For both his personal and professional fulfillment, he founded Buckingham Futures. He is driven by change, a sense of challenge, and a variety of challenges to solve. He loves to achieve goals and feels like he is making a significant contribution.

In order to provide someone with the ideal job chances and best career options, Buckingham Futures works relentlessly on their behalf. They provide the most relevant guidance and experience. They are able to provide their candidates with access to career possibilities in the commercial and public sectors by utilising a variety of old and new technology.