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From Artiste to Ambassador, R&B Singer Roy Simmons is Expanding His Portfolio Into The Influencer Marketing Lane



After the release of his 2021 single “Some More” and subsequently, his debut EP “Pardon Me,” Roy Simmons has been gaining rapid momentum as the newest addition to Trinidad’s music scene. While he continues to display a great passion for music, Roy has also expressed that he is intrigued by the countless opportunities that can be found in influencer marketing.

“In addition to creating multiple sources of income as an independent artiste, I also want to work on creating a global brand for myself through collaboration with other household names. This move is just the first step,” said the Trinidadian singer.

Roy Simmons is currently working with two locally-owned companies in Trinidad and Tobago. In October 2021, Roy announced his partnership with House of Creatives as their first brand ambassador. “I’m honored to represent a company that focuses on promoting Trinidadian culture through fashion,” said the artiste. Two months later he revealed a partnership with Simple Express which specializes in personalized jewelry. “I’m happy to work with Simple Express because they’ve found a creative way for people to represent themselves, their brands/organizations, or even honor loved ones through high-end accessories” he explained. Roy Simmons is looking forward to collaborating with companies in the alcohol industry in the near future.

With the immense support from his core fans based on the island, Roy Simmons recently achieved the number 1 spot on the iTunes’ R&B album charts and number 2 on All Genres in Trinidad and Tobago for his debut EP “Pardon Me”. He also peaked at the number 4 album on the island’s R&B Apple Music Charts.

In 2022 fans can expect more music and visuals from the buzzing artiste along with all his business ventures.

For collaboration with Roy Simmons, he can be contacted at

Follow Roy Simmons on Instagram for more updates

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Music Star

International Sensation Trev Mulah is Just Getting Started




2021 has been nothing but progress for the international artist “Trev
Mulah.” His unique sounds and ad-libs are starting to bring the
creativity of this new sub-genre “Drill N B.” Trev is one of the first artists
that brought consistent melodic records to the drill scene.
In 2014 the versatile musician was based in Manchester, UK while creating his new
trending wave. This was right before Pop Smoke and much more popular drill artist
from New York City started getting more exposure. His release “Killers &
Dealers” off his album called, “Drill N’ B” has been gaining a lot of popularity. The album has been doing extremely well racking up millions of streams and even charting on the Top 50 iTunes charts.

Here’s a back story on Trev Mulah;

Trev Mulah is born with background being Guyanese and raised in East New York, Brooklyn. An area is known for being a hood that serves street justice on all merits. Influences that have crafted and made an impact on his music were his childhood and his inspiration of seeing other friends and neighborhoods flourish in Business, Music, and Fashion. The dream was made a reality with the drive and passion Trev Mulah had for a harmonizing sound and melody being influenced by SpeakerKnockers, 2 Chains, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, PartyNextDoor, and others. Now rapping for six years while in his career, he attended college and graduated in Business Administration.

The music industry has embraced Trev Mulah with a personality and character with witty melodies and hooks that make him unique. The determination and goal-setting mind state is being successful in seeing others he watched around his community become somebody and make a name for themselves. He formed a sound that has caught the interest of many musicians and made Trev Mulah a versatile artist on the come up.

In 2022 Trev plans on releasing many collabs and also signing new talent to his independent record label  “Mulah World Entertainment Records” and his own publishing company “MulahWorld Publishings.”

Check out the video for “Killers & Dealers” on Youtube:

Follow Trev Mulah on Instagram for more updates

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Yungtryst is out on a mission: creating music that touches the crowd



Music tells a story, which is why Austrian rapper Yungtryst is using his talent to tell a story with every piece of art he releases. As a musician, he wants to create songs to be the perfect channel for emotions that demand to be felt. His life is a testament to the power of music, and now he wants to share what it has done for him through his very own works. 

Yungtryst went through a lot of struggles growing up. His life was riddled with money problems and mental health issues while grieving the loss of people who were really close to his heart. On top of that, he also had to deal with an abusive stepfather which is enough to drive anyone insane. He found music as a way to escape the harsh realities of life. It distracted him and allowed him to find comfort amidst the storms he faced. This inspired him to pursue music as a career, and create music that would help others the way it helped him out during his darkest days. 

A friend within his art

Yungtryst’s journey as a musician started with a single step. Music used to be his escape. It was the ray of light that led him away from the darkness that is his trouble-filled life. As an artist, he wants his music to be there for those who need it just as he needed it back then. His struggles have shaped him into Yungtryst, the musician with a heart. 

 “I thought to myself why not share my feelings and struggles with the world and give people something to relate to when they’re going through stuff ” he said.

In a world where the rap scene is filled with songs about sex, drugs, and violence, Yungtryst and his soul-touching music is a breath of fresh air. His style of delivering lines that hit just the right spot makes his audience feel the emotions in every word. His music gives the feeling that someone out there understands what you are going through, and that you are not alone in this battle. 

Discovering Yungtryst’s music is like meeting a new friend in the form of an artistic masterpiece.

Who is Yungtryst?

What sets Yungtryst apart from other rappers in the industry is the fact that he does not try hard to keep up what we may call a ghetto gangsta front. He doesn’t buy into the usual hip-hop persona. 

His essence as an artist lies in the emotions he expresses within every song. He wants his audience to see him as a musician whose craft welcomes them with a warm hug no matter what situation they are in. His goal is to be a rapper whose music will be listened to for generations. He understands how hard life can get which is why he wants to contribute to the culture and make an impact on those who hear him.

This rapper is a living example of how our troubles will never define who we are. He shares some words of wisdom:

“The ones that get it the hardest will be the ones that succeed in the end”

Yungtryst creates music for whatever you are going through. Give his stuff a shot and you might find yourself a new friend in his art.

Life is full of struggles, don’t be afraid to find your escape. Catch Yungtryst on Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify.

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Music Star




(Sunday NOVEMBER 21, 2021-Los Angeles, California)- The Musical Doc winds down 2021 with a chill acoustic single “So Free.” This acoustic memoir highlights The Musical Doc’s pristine voice and vocal command, with eloquent guitar licks by prominent guitarist Derex Williams, engineered and arranged by Peter Madana. The Musical Doc is a powerhouse talent recognized on a global stage by audiences around the world.  The singer/songwriter has had editorial support from the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine, Best voices of 2020 BBC Radio along with Track of the week, A&R factory, Vocalstar blog and has been a featured performer at venues like The Hollywood Bowl, Miller Amphitheater, Sydney Opera House, The Mint, Walt Disney Hall, House of Blues, The United Nations Headquarters, and others. 

The Musical Doc’s stripped-down acoustic memoir unfolds the exquisite journey to self-love and liberation despite the highs and lows of life. T.M.D shares an honest story, creating a meditative safe space for listeners to sonically unwind and lyrically relate with the beauty of flowing through change. The emotional tone of the Doc’s vocal expression blended with soulful guitar licks and subtle finger snaps create an ethereal soundscape revealing a side of The Musical Doc that we absolutely love! 

After a whirlwind of emotions from the pandemic, fans claim “So Free” is the emotional release needed to restore balance and peace connecting to the human element. The Musical Doc expresses vulnerability in her new record, it’s authentic, comforting, and just what we need in this new world we live in. 

The Musical Doc made the following statement about the song: “This song is my truth, this year was a lot of things for me professionally and personally, the one energy I really learned to tap into was “gratitude.” This is my musical memoir expressing my gratitude for all the beauty I have found in the trials and tribulations of this year. I have nothing but love and light in my heart, and that’s what I want to share with all of you!” 

Click here to listen to “So Free” on Soundcloud


Dr. Varshini Muralikrishnan, commonly renowned as ‘THE MUSICAL DOC’ curates an exceptional genre of music by fueling inspiration and innovation to amplify diversity, soul, and higher consciousness through her artistic philosophy. Born and bred into a family of world music doctorates, TMD’s identity and upbringing were defined through Classical South Indian Carnatic, the Gospel Choir, and world music as. Today, she is The Musical Doc – an authentic singer, songwriter, performer, and producer who has forfeited her role as a legitimate medical doctor and genuinely strives to make an impact globally with her education, awareness, and artistic expression. She has achieved prestigious accomplishments as a soloist and a featured performer, utilizing the respectable platforms of the Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall, Sydney Opera House, The United Nations Headquarters, and much more to mesmerize audiences around the globe. The Musical Doc dedicates her second chance at life to speaking her truth, breaking barriers with her creative compositions, and relentlessly changing the dynamics for oppressed conversations.

Facebook: /themusicaldoc
Instagram: @themusicaldoc
Twitter: @themusicaldoc
Youtube: /themusicaldoc

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