Hope has spent the last 20 years making a significant and positive difference in the lives of a large number of people all over the world through her work as a yoga instructor and now as a fitness expert in the trucking industry. As the Chief Executive Officer of Mother Trucker Yoga®, Hope’s goal is to encourage one million truck drivers to make positive lifestyle changes by 2031. She wants to assist people in creating a solid foundation of easy lifestyle modifications for their driving that will improve their health and fitness.

With a focus on three to five-minute exercises that truckers may perform in the driver’s seat, on the sleeper (their bed), and just outside their truck, she helps drivers recognize the little, basic improvements they can make while living life on the road. When it comes to health, all these little changes add up and significantly impact.

Hope maintains that minor, inconspicuous changes can add to the most significant outcomes. Hope showcased Mother Trucker Yoga and how her company is dedicated to helping the trucking industry improve its focus on health and wellness last year on season 9 of the PBS show Start-Up. During the show, Hope spoke about her past challenges and how yoga came into her life and transformed her future for the better. She also shared her unique programs and one-of-a-kind approach to a driver’s lifestyle and movement, all of which can be achieved in as little as a few minutes per day.

You can instantly improve your mood and life by practicing these simple moves no matter where you are—whether you’re sitting in the driver’s seat (chair), sleeping in the sleeper (bed), or just standing outside the truck (vehicle/desk). To participate in the program, leading a lifestyle typical of a mother, truck driver, or yogi is unnecessary. No matter where you are, you can do Mother Trucker Yoga.

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Zvara teaches everyday people like us to take a deep breath and have more fun. There are numerous unanswered questions and unmet expectations in wellness programs. She has devoted over half her life to meeting these demands by making it possible for others, like truckers (and herself). She wants people to reach their most tremendous potential without the pain of trial and error. Thousands of people have followed her advice and are now doing what they love while feeling good in their skin.

About Hope Zvara

Hope Zvara established the brand Mother Trucker Yoga® intending to lure truck drivers into engaging in yoga lessons. She is a yoga instructor who works with those who drive trucks. She spent approximately 15 years working in the yoga industry when she opened a yoga studio and a school. Around three and a half years ago, she discovered that she was in a position in which she could interact with truck drivers. She decided to seize the opportunity when it presented itself.

Her objective is to assist them in establishing a groundwork of essential improvements to their health and fitness routines that can be considered long-term alterations to their lifestyle as drivers.

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