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Jean Fallacara: A Scientist revolutionizing the Fitness Industry



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The current pandemic and closure of gyms have left many unable to sustain consistency in their fitness journeys, especially those who relied too heavily on using gym equipment and weights for their workouts.

With no limits on location and equipment, people can pursue fitness and even weight loss in their homes.

Starting with basic push-ups, dips and squats and gradually making their way up to hanging-knee raises, pull-ups, and muscle-ups, it gives people more freedom and flexibility.

Further reduced risk of injury and faster recovery possibilities, calisthenics is also safer than other forms of exercise and strength training exercises. And with the addition of a coach or trainer that can provide them with a nutrition plan and workout regimen, sticking to workout routines becomes much easier.

What makes calisthenics even more opportune for fitness enthusiasts is its effectiveness with the addition of biohacking techniques from neuroscience. This concept idea dubbed Neuroscience Calisthenics explains how you can change your physique and reverse your epigenetic clock by actively changing your mindset and working on neuroplasticity.

You are essentially conditioning your brain to teach your body how to learn new exercises most effectively. There is sufficient scientific evidence in multiple fields that shows humans possess the capability to accomplish difficult goals by changing their mindset and removing barriers of resistance.

Since calisthenics focuses on your body’s functional movements, adding the layer of neural biohacking makes it even more effective for supporting your fitness goals.

Jean Fallacara, the brain and body behind CYBORGGAINZ, uses his expertise in Sciences and experience in calisthenics in his book, Neuroscience Calisthenics. He explains the power of biohacking and how we can empower our brain to optimize our body’s muscle performance and functions.

You learn how to have better control over your muscles, joints, and tendons, which is critical when you’re practicing calisthenics. Instead of resorting to extreme diets and intense exercise regimens that end up doing more damage, your mind and body sync up in a way that makes obtaining physical excellence easier and more approachable.

In the end, calisthenics has made its way from Ancient Greece to the 21st Century without losing its core principles of bodyweight strength training. This is proof of its effectiveness, longevity, and applicability regardless of time.

Furthermore, the pandemic has made it apparent that we are not as reliant on gyms and fitness centers as we are led to believe. While they do help many people remain fit, you are able to achieve positive tangible results working out at home as well.

About Jean Fallacara:

Jean was born in France to Italian parents. He constructed/created his future with a disruptive spirit and an imaginative mindset from an early age and used his intellectual nerd abilities to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, a Master’s degree in Immunology and genetics, and an engineering degree in biotechnology. He studied Neuroscience and brain functionalities and Law and Finances.

Jean Fallacara is the CEO and founder of Z-SC1 Corp and behind the concept of Cyborggainz.

with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. He has been working as an experienced executive focused on technology products for the science business. Fallacara has founded and led many science-technology companies.

Jean Fallacara is the author of the famous book, named Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack your Body Clock. This book offers insights on how to concepts of neuroscience significantly optimize your

Missed a day at the gym? Cheated on your diet one too many times? Or sat on your computer for extended periods of time?   Every decision we make, consciously or subconsciously, shifts our biology towards cell aging” says Jean Fallacara

Ranked in the top 5 Motivational influencers in Canada, his Instagram account give insights and tips on how to develop the growth Mindset, he is also on Twitter and Facebook, and YouTube channel

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Some Practical Bits of Advice for a Healthy Lifestyle from Devoted PJ Baker



Pj Baker Fitness official image in hd 2022

In life, we come across such people who devote themselves to helping others. People like these can be found in any corner of the world; any place, any professional. Recently we found such a person in the world of fitness. PJ Baker has devoted his life to assisting others in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Trainers like him are more concerned with improving the environment as a whole rather than just fitting themselves. Their ability to help others not only demonstrates their great feelings but also their strength, as teaching individuals to attain perfection takes a lot of energy. Today we will tell you about this famous name in the fitness field and what he has to share with you regarding fitness.

Introduction of PJ Baker

Boxer, fitness model and trainer PJ Baker has gained every win in fitness and everything else. He is gaining honor as a result of his unbelievable exercises and calisthenics, which give him the appearance of a superhero. Since he was a child, he had always liked working out, and whenever his father and a buddy worked out at home, he would join them and compete with them. He did not, however, prioritize fitness and health until 2019. PJ focused on his job after that year and chose to pursue a career in fitness. He is currently a well-known fitness model and trainer among fitness superstars.

Practical Useful Tips Regarding Health from PJ Baker

  • The first suggestion PJ offered was to clear your head. Sit down and drill the skull, concentrating on starting your trip to a healthy lifestyle. To put it another way, get psychologically prepared and strong first.
  • Second, an attempt to be physically and intellectually active is flexible. Flexibility is required to keep yourself physically active. Exercising for 30-45 minutes five days a week can assist you in reaching your objective.
  • Invest in a qualified trainer. A great trainer will understand your body’s demands and will motivate you at times.
  • Eating clean is one of the most important aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. Fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water are all part of a healthy diet.
  • Last but not least, bear negative stimulus and transform it into a good motivator. These are PJ Baker’s exact words. He stated that this helped him obtain more positive energy, which helped him a lot in dismissing negative and accessing good.    

Be a part of PJ’s Training Program

PJ Baker co-operating with his cousin Patrick Campbell Jr., also known as “Coach Get Right”, launched a training boot camp a few months ago that is yielding positive results. It is held every Saturday and Sunday at 8 a.m. in Sycamore Canyon Park in Diamond Bar, California. The first visit is free, so people can see what it is and how it operates. After that, they charge $15 per session. According to PJ, it is to get a good workout, engage with others, and have fun. Furthermore, PJ plans to participate in similar boot camps in the future to continue challenging himself and others. 

Get more updates from PJ Baker’s Instagram profile. 

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Why Health And Wellness Coach Jason Nemes Helps Others Achieve Their Fitness And Financial Goals



Life can sometimes knock a person flat on their back. At times it seems impossible to overcome some challenges, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any better days to look forward to. 

This is what Health and Fitness Coach Jason Nemes hopes to impart to the people who come to him for help. 

“I know first hand what it takes to build something from nothing, but a vision can help anyone that is willing to be coachable and go to work to do the same,” he said. 

Fueled By Passion 

Jason offers his services to people who are not just looking for results but serious about attaining them. This includes anyone wanting to gain muscle, cut fat, lose weight, live a healthy and active lifestyle, and even those who want to build a business. 

To help others realize their goals, Jason developed a very targeted message that talks about the principles that he believes drive human nature to achieve greatness. He then provides the practical steps to get his clients there. 

Since his message for success is universal, Jason doesn’t let distance keep him from spreading his message to people who need his guidance. His messages have been heard worldwide. These places include France, Belgium, South Africa, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia and more!

When he is speaking to audiences, Jason is known as THE “tattedprezzz” and he promotes the idea of personal health as the key to success. 

“My passion for fitness has always been my main focus. I took that passion and got involved with the industry and now I’m generating millions of dollars in sales by helping lots of people get fit and increase their bank accounts,” he said. 

Getting Into The Industry 

Despite his success as a health and wellness coach, Jason wasn’t always in the health industry. But thanks to a good friend of his, he realized the potential of the industry as well as his own. 

As a graduate of the University of  North Texas with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Economics, Jason started in the corporate world selling digital media advertising. 

“I quickly realized that wasn’t for me. I ran into my buddy after college whom I consistently said no to in regards to an opportunity. This time, I was able to see his house and cars and was extremely inspired,” he shared. 

Seeing the numerous benefits, Jason decided to give it a shot. Now, Jason earns more monthly doing what he loves helping people than he did annually at his corporate job. 

Visit and for more information on Jason Nemes.

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Author Daniel Kelly Releases New Book Optimized Under 35



Daniel then decided to undergo testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) so he could optimize his testosterone levels. After that, he saw improvements in his energy, libido, and mood. As a result, he started a coaching business focused predominantly on teaching men how to optimize their health without the need for medication.

Facing Challenges When He Started

“What most people don’t realize is that starting a business is easy. Maintaining it and making it profitable is the hard part,” Daniel said, recalling that he had two main challenges when he began.

The first challenge was having to deal with his self-doubt and lack of confidence in his ability to pull it off. The second was his lack of skill. He had quality service to offer that includes coaching and mentoring men to optimize their health through nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle change but he had no idea how to market himself. So how did Daniel overcome these challenges as well as grow and maintain his personal brand?

It was through the advice of a close friend of his who has a successful e-commerce business. To Daniel, he said, “Everything will change when you make your first dollar online.

Before he created his personal brand, Daniel quit his job in investment banking so the reality of having to rely on himself to make a living rattled him.

Investing in Himself to Grow His Brand

One day, after months of struggle and self-doubt, he made his first sale online.

“I thumped my fist on the table in jubilation and did a little victory dance in my co-working space. My colleagues looked at me with mouths wide open. Little did they know I had just had a breakthrough that was years in the making,” Daniel shared.

He Became a Bonafide Entrepreneur!

For the next months, Daniel invested heavily in coaching programs and masterminds to learn invaluable business skills to market himself online and become a better coach. Three years later, his coaching business thrived and he has been making a genuine difference in people’s lives which gives him a sense of fulfillment.

“Entrepreneurship and perseverance go hand in hand. If you want the former you must possess the latter,” he said.

Now, Daniel has coached hundreds of men to optimize their health, written multiple best-selling books, has even been featured on the pages of national newspapers such as The Guardian, The Sun, and the Staffordshire Sentinel.

But despite all that, Daniel is just getting started.

Check out Daniel Kelly’s Twitter account for more information.

Disrupt Media
Tony Delgado
Phone: 12018758684

SOURCE: Daniel Kelly

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