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Top Luxury Agent of 2023: Melea Avrach



The realm of real estate is a tumultuous and ever-evolving sphere, and the clamor for premium representation is intensifying at an unprecedented pace. The worst thing you could do is choose a bad agent, so we made sure to find some good ones and pick one of the best!

We interviewed over 100 agents in the luxury real estate market to find our pick for the top luxury real estate agent of 2023.  Our research consisted of delving into the traits that distinguish an agent as the crème de la crème.

Some traits that make a top agent are extensive familiarity with the real estate market and the region they operate in, combined with their professionalism and unwavering commitment to yielding favorable outcomes. These traits, alongside their track record, are what sets them apart as a force to be or not to be reckoned with. 

We believe this year’s pick for the REDx Top Luxury Agent of 2023 has and will continue to leave a lasting positive impact on their future clients and the industry alike, with their proficiency and zeal for the trade marking their imprint on the real estate arena.

Our Pick For The Top Luxury Agent of 2023: Melea Avrach

REDx magazine is ecstatic to reveal the designation of Melea Avrach, a luxury real estate agent hailing from the city of Los Angeles, as our pick for the top luxury real estate agent of 2023!

Our acknowledgment is a glaring recognition of Melea’s unwavering devotion to her profession and her unshakable reputation in the field. With her expertise in luxury real estate, Melea possesses a profound understanding of the complexities of the market and the capability to craft negotiations that yield optimal returns on home investment for her clients. The Compass agent has also been eulogized by first-time home buyers for her precision, dedication, and work ethic.

Melea Avrach (Credit:

Her reputation precedes her as she has been instrumental in facilitating the acquisition and sale of premier properties tailor-made to her client’s unique specifications. 

One satisfied client praised Melea for her dedication and expertise saying:

 “As first-time buyers, we are so grateful for Melea’s expertise and dedication to helping us find our home.  She is familiar with the Los Angeles Foothills and was also attentive to what we were looking for in a home. I was so impressed with her knowledge! Plus she is lovely to deal with.  We highly recommend Melea in helping you find a home.” 

Another client gave testimony to Avrach, saying:

“Melea is more than a luxury service agent, she’s a friend. She really listens to her clients, learns what they are looking for, and fights to get them what they want. It all feels effortless in fact. She is available literally 24/7 and handled our worries and concerns as if she is a professional therapist! We sold our hillside property in Highland Park for way more than we had expected”

The LA realtor’s exceptional customer service and steadfast commitment to securing the best possible outcome for her clients solidify her position as a leading figure in the industry. Avrach was also recently featured in LA Weekly as a top agent which recognized her outstanding efforts.

Melea Avrach boasts an extensive and affluent background in luxury real estate and niche properties, having collaborated with some of the planet’s most prestigious and influential purchasers.

Her mastery in the field has garnered widespread recognition and appreciation, with her global network and community solidifying her reputation as an indispensable resource for anyone seeking the services of a real estate agent in the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles. 

Her fervent passion for the city, its diverse neighborhoods, and its vibrant citizens makes her a valuable asset to any buyer or seller that choses to work with her! Avrach is an agent who checks all the boxes, and has the track record to prove it! This is why we are proud to pick Melea Avarach as the top luxury real estate agent of 2023.

Be sure to visit her website ( and give her a follow on the gram!

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