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Tera Carissa Hodges telling about her company LR(Life Redefined) in an Interview



Tera Hodges Official

Hey, Tera Carissa Hodges, I hope you are doing well.

Yeah, I’m doing well.

What are you doing in this Quarantine?

In this quarantine, while staying at home, I’m working on my new project and launching it this
December; House of Carissa. You can check it out online, I have already had private sales off line in test markets to evaluate potential success. I am very pleased with the results. 

I encourage everyone to use extra time they have to work towards goals. It can be both therapeutic and exciting. 

How much did you struggle in your life?

I don’t see struggle the way others see it. So, to me, maybe not as much as people may assume. I am an alchemist. I stand on whatever was meant to harm me, I will use it as a tool to bless me. 

I have built up my career through faith and self-empowerment through that faith. My faith in God, originality because of strategy and inspiration derived from my faith is my strength. 

Tell me something more about your company?

My company combines faith with media to produce strategies that work for companies, businesses, personalities, brands, and ministries as they grow and transform. My international team and I do this through social media, traditional media, faith-based media, and mainstream media. 

At which age you published your first article?

At 16, my first published article made the front page of my local newspaper. From there, I graduated with an undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism, and began working in corporate media professionally upon graduation. From there, I launched my own media brand.

Anything in your company that motivates you in a positive manner?

Seeing lives, brands, companies, ministries, and more positively transformed, motivates me. 

What are your visions for the future?

Continue to launch relevant projects congruent with my media brand and empower others. In the future, I want to innovate the youth to work hard on their dreams and gain success easily. All the social accounts like Instagram, Twitter are full of innovations and motivation.

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