There is a purpose behind everything we do in life. For instance, entrepreneurs start businesses to invite wealth and create generational wealth for their families. Meanwhile, others start a business to present like-minded individuals with a chance to break through their chosen industry. 

Real estate entrepreneur Andrew Sallee’s purpose behind growing his business to where it is today is the knowledge of knowing that he can help others live a better life through his philanthropic efforts. 

He’s the type of person who invests in people because he knows what they’re capable of if given the chance to unlock their potential. 

Giving Back to the Community 

For more than 20 years, the Rock Island, Illinois native managed to grow his real estate portfolio to $75M. But aside from pursuing his goal of developing his business to achieving $1B in total assets, he uses the profits from his acquisitions and other projects for good deeds. 

“My work in real estate is important to me because it allows me to invest in my community and make an impact on my community through my philanthropic efforts,” he said. 

Andrew supports his charitable foundation, Andy’s Kids, along with other organizations such as Big Brother, Big Sister in Davenport, the Davenport YMCA, and Habitat for Humanity among others.

His faith and vision on the impact he wants to leave in the community are what motivate Andrew to keep going everyday and develop his real estate business.

Recently, Andrew acquired several properties such as the Northtown Strip Center, a farmland in Bloomington, Illinois, and a 100 unit multi-family property in Davenport.

Investing In Himself 

Andrew’s faith in people and their potential started with himself. Like the people he helps in his foundations and other organizations, Andrew also invested in himself to become the successful entrepreneur that he is today. 

“Everything I’ve earned has been built from what I’ve been able to earn beginning with my sales career, then my company all through my investments,” he said. 

He started his career by spending 10 years in sales, starting a siding and roofing business before building his real estate portfolio into $75M worth of total assets. 

For years, Andrew attended nine to twelve different conferences every year, giving him the chance to educate himself and grow. 

“Never stop investing in yourself. You are your single most important and valuable asset, so act like it every day,” he said.

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